Wednesday, 1 April 2020

A Quarantine Day

What does one do on another quarantine day aboard the boat in Paris?

Arise early;
Feed Oscar
and before anyone else is out, go for an exercise walk/trot for the allowed 1 hour carrying your attestation, identity papers and a spray bottle of isopropanol alcohol . 
Use up almost the hour then dash to the boulangerie. Wait outside if someone is inside and enter after they exit and buy 2 loaves of pain de campagne.  
Carry the bags homes, get into the gate with the code after spraying the key pad
Spray the paper bread bags, the door handle and yourself before entering the boat
Turn on the oven and put the bread loaves in for an extra hot 10 minute bake
Wash your hands before and after that activity.
Shower and put on fresh clothes
Throw your outdoor gear in the laundry
Tell John he may want to get up
Make some fresh fruit & yoghurt for breakfast. Take a vitamin
Read the latest statistics on you know what
Have a coffee
Play with Oscar
Hang out the wash
Tidy the boat and do a bit of vacuuming
Spray disinfectant on  door handles, taps, fridge ,oven doors, countertops, phones and anything frequently handled.
Have a play with Oscar
Do emails
Make contact with the outside world in some way
Sit on deck if the weather is good and sun warm
Do some squats or lunges
Read the latest on WhatsApp & send a few
Check your list of what you want to accomplish today
Tidy up a couple of drawers
Make a tea
Play some Gin Rummy. . .yes we have agreed to start that up again
Talk to Jerome and Reginette and Jeanne on the boat next door. At a very safe distance of about 6 metres.
Wave at Charlette who is 87, across the canal (made a dinner dish for her, must pick up my plate so we can do another)
Plan dinner for tonight
Assess the grocery supply…yes we have TP but what about the wine?
Talk live to family & loved ones using Zoom or WhatsApp
Talk over together, yet again, our current situation 
Take in the wash
Read an inspiring /interesting story
Feed Oscar
Make dinner & enjoy our meal
Applaud the Health workers at 20:00 hours along with all our neighbours
Plan tomorrow. Make a list of things to do/accomplish/think about
Assess the list you made for today; completed??
Watch some episode of something
Have an orange
Go to bed
Start again. . .you get the picture

(John's day is slightly different and he might share that with you at some point )

Immune Booster Soup


Paris Fashion Dress for Shopping

Exercise Route

Opera That Will not Happen

Early Morning: the Best time to Go Out

Cat Yoga & Meditation: Follow the Guru

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


Here in Paris things are probably not much different than where you are. The world is shaken , worried and gripped with fear as we are fighting a war in which we cannot physically see the enemy and have no idea who it might attack next. 

How rapidly our lives changed. Going from day to day we expect the planes will fly, the trains will run, groceries will be on shelves, our children will go to school, we will work or do what has usually filled our days. Now all that has evaporated . What we do now is watch media, check our internet or phone for the latest statistics and speak to friends and family about their situations, their precautions , the environment in which they are living. Borderless Europe has become border bound, communities have been shut off and shut down and each one of us is now surrounded by our own self distancing boundary.

Today a good friend from down our pontoon sent me this:

The  woman who wrote it is a stranger to me. However by simply reading it to each other we have calmed our minds and focused on what each day brings.

The streets of Paris are empty except for emergency vehicles and those where essential  work requires a vehicle. In order to leave the Port, which is locked so no one may enter to use the park area, we must prepare an Attestation form signed and dated and ready for presentation to the police. For those without the attestation or for those not abiding by the reason for being out (narrowly defined) a steep fine is rendered. Stay home is the strict message. And we are doing just that as we try to plan our next step.
Of course John’s big birthday surprise that I have planned since August 2018 is cancelled at least for us. I had intended to surprise him on April 5 with tickets to the Monaco Grand Prix but COVID-19 intervened. So we are requesting cancellations there and in Nice where we intended to stay.  We are exploring options for the boat but must see to her before we book a flight. Canals are closed until at least April 20 to all but commercial traffic. Maybe we can stay where we are…for a price…maybe we can reach Port Ilion or make it to Migennes. None of that is clear just yet.  

I am adding just a few pictures this week as I had planned to tell you all about the wonderful Paris Agricultural Exposition. Instead, for those of us confined to the Port a couple of pictures depict small  activities to keep us socially distanced but mentally balanced!

And a post script: The most amazing thing just happened. At vingt heure In all the apartments overlooking the Port people came out on their balconies and opened their windows. Boat dwellers came out on decks and we all  called and waved , blew boat horns, rang bells and shouted in appreciation for all the Healthcare Professionals who are struggling against this pandemic and also, I believe, for our own fortitude and courage, in a spontaneous act of solidarity. It was moving and uplifting.

A Beautiful Spring is Opening Up


Oscar on COVID-19 Alert

Our Good Friend Mary Escaping Paris Before Shut Down

Trying to Keep Children Busy Who Live Aboard Boats.  

Jeanne Feeding Her Favourite Swan


Serenading us on her Violin

Empty Streets

John was the only person at the Greengrocer and Bakery

In the meantime please stay safe, keep well .

Thursday, 27 February 2020

For Orchid Lovers Only

This week the photos are of different orchid varieties, that I have not labelled as the names were not my primary focus. The Exposition was extensive (called 1001 Orchidéesand set up inside the huge greenhouses at Jardin des Plantes, right across the river from us. In total there are around 800 genera of orchids. This link from Wikipedia lists the most notable genera of the family: Orchidaceae Genera . Within the  800 genera exist 28,000 currently accepted species. No, I did not see all 800  nor take photos of all I saw. However, you may explore any of the genera by simply clicking on the name to have a look at the characteristics of the plant.
The photos below, taken at the Expo are simply an attempt to display the colours and marvelous shapes that are the  attributes of this beautiful flower family.  And moreover, since the introduction of tropical species into cultivation in the 19th century, horticulturists have produced more than 100,000 hybrids and cultivars. When you see and speak with the orchid clubs and horticultural groups and aficionados at a show like this it is plain to see how the number of cultivars grew.

I am also including this link  Canadian Orchid Congress so you can enjoy some photos of our wild varietals possibly growing in your own back yard.